When the light’s outside, it has to be design

Monday 10 November 2014
Marketing Mirage
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Marketing Mirage

When talking of outdoors, the dual value of lighting – functional and aesthetic – is particularly important. Outdoor lights have the ability to make even the light-dark contrast an element of design.
A well-lit garden or balcony also extends the living space of the home, not only in the summer months. Windows and doors, those traditional barriers, no longer represent conceptual boundaries: attention to detail and the right accessory runs outdoors, creating references to the indoor decor.

Today light sources come in an infinite range of shapes and patterns. Minimal solutions such as small lights fitted into the ground work alongside designer lamps that brighten paths, walkways and lawns.
And the materials available come in an equally wide range.
Ideal for standing up to bad weather or ugly rust, the light surfaces come in polypropylene, polycarbonate and resin, which are both easy to clean and resistant to all kinds of atmospheric agents.
These design elements are also highly flexible: light is encapsulated by lean, curved or square shapes, creating attractive effects on the garden.
These types of lights can be installed both in inner areas such as swimming pool edges, remaining invisible, or can play a more dramatic role, as a seat or coffee table. Lighting should however not only offer the right blend of light and shade at night, but during the day should make its mark as an authentic furnishing element.

The best outdoor tiling for playing with light?
The best solution is a floor with a minimal style, which enhances the chosen accessories with a neutral colour palette. The colours and shades are the rough finishes of cement-effect porcelain stoneware, a material which works well with an infinite variety of design experimentations.

Mashup is the Mirage collection that offers excellent freedom of design for outdoor settings, creating unusual minimal-effect atmospheres.