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225x225x20 - 9”x9”x¾” / 225x454x20 - 9”x18”x¾”

/ Beauty
and Performance.

XSize is the new proposal of outdoor paving with a thickness of 20 mm in the EVO_2/E range: a new paving concept with 2 small tiles measuring 225x225 and 225x454 mm, which combine good looks, performance and practicality into one.

To breakage
To thermal shock
To chemical corrosion
To stains

/ A feeling of natural comfort.

XSize combines the high performance of Mirage’s porcelain stoneware with an extraordinarily natural effect: each article has its own harmonious colour scheme, which is enhanced even more by the small sizes, for the creation of cosy atmospheres with a bold design.

/ Pave without limits.

XSize is perfect for any public or private outdoor area: there is no limit with regard to planning needs, even in the creation of swimming pools. XSize can in fact be combined with all the special trims made from tiles in the EVO 2/E range.

/ Ideal for driveways.

XSize is the ideal choice for paving walkways, footpaths and driveways: the small size makes it notably easier to fit these tiles in curved areas and further minimises the risk of breakage if they are laid on a screed in the case of driveways.

/ 2 Small Sizes =
Many Outdoor Textures

Practical, manageable and easy to work with thanks to their reduced size and weight, the formats 225x225 and 450x225 allow multiple Installation layouts according to the specific design requirements.

Mirage recommends laying XSize exclusively with adhesive on a screed.

/ The perfect dialogue
between XSize and
all Mirage collections.

XSize can be perfectly combined with the matching collection of indoor flooring in traditional thicknesses: for a totally seamless continuation of indoor and outdoor spaces with a bold style. The XSize tiles come in various formats that can be combined with the other formats in the EVO 2/E range, but have different levels of shading and different surfaces. The level of shading also varies from colour to colour, also depending on the type of product.

/ XSize range.


/ XSize special pieces.


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