Kö-Bogen II 

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Edificios comerciales

Mirage took part in the Kö-Bogen II Project in Düsseldorf with the innovative windproof E_Deck system designed by the Mirage Engineering division.

Starting with 60x120 porcelain stoneware slabs, we have created several special pieces installed on a particular E_deck raised floor system. Each of these slabs has been milled on the sides in order to insert special fixing clips that will keep them in place even with strong winds. But, It's not all. We positioned the floor supports in a layer of gravel that makes the floor draining and reduces the impact of intense atmospheric phenomena, as well as increasing its fire resistance performance. The building also includes a large number of green areas on several levels staggered from each other. Therefore, to allow maintenance of these areas, the floor has been engineered for the passage of maintenance trolleys.

(Graziano Ferrari, Mirage Engineering Division Director)

Detalles del proyecto

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