Rift / Rift Angolare

RIFT is a porcelain stoneware special piece coordinated with the Ardesie, Quarziti 2.0 and Tribeca collections: a squared, rectified three-dimensional decorative piece ideal to outdoor tiling for creating walls and wall coverings. Rift comes in size 10.5x45, and must be laid staggered, with no gaps, to create a balanced, harmonious visual effect.
A cover element should be laid at the top of the tiling to prevent water from infiltrating between the tiles and the wall.



piastrelle bordo piscina



Two installation needs, a single solution. The UNICO step, size 33x60, is processed on both sides, on one side it has a rounded edge and on the other a square edge.
An extremely versatile special piece, which can be used both as a step and as a special piece for swimming pools, with bullnose edge or straight edge, both coloured along the side.
A highly attractive result, with all the excellent technical performance expected of Mirage porcelain stoneware.

tiles for outdoor steps
piastrelle bordo piscina


Entire pool edge tiled with UNICO

tiles for swimming pool edges