Modular blocks for stairs and outdoor settings pre- covered in 20 mm Mirage porcelain stoneware: an innovative, practical solution that improves finishes and cuts the time required. E_block by Mirage is a pre-finished monobloc element, covered in 20 mm porcelain stoneware on the outside and filled with lightened cement on the inside. On the outside, it looks like a perfectly finished solid block: the covering of the corners is cut at a 45° angle, glued and bevelled.



Patent application no. 102017000008688

E_block can be used as a structural element

for outdoor stairs, walls, terracing and for parks, gardens and balconies of all sizes.

E_block is available in two standard sizes:

(60x120/24"x48" and 45x90/18"x36" - nominal sizes),
in colours that can be chosen from the whole Mirage range, and with a thickness of 20 mm.
Other customised sizes can be provided on request.


Possible Applications



Stairs and low wall laid on reinforced concrete slab.



Stairs laid on sand.



Winding stairs laid on earth.



Stairs and landing laid on reinforced concrete slab.



Stairs with overlapping steps. Laid on cement.