Reinvent the concept of living your outdoor spaces and enjoy a more direct contact with nature.
Rediscover the appeal of wooden floorboard- effect flooring (decking) for spaces that invite you to enjoy outdoor living in maximum comfort.

This is what e_deck is all about, the new system of raised flooring in the Mirage® Evo_2/e™ project designed specifically for the 20x120 / 8"x48" and 30x120 / 12"x48" sizes.

A practical solution that combines the undisputed appeal of a natural chic style with the high performance of Evo_2/e™ porcelain stoneware.

An new way of enjoying outdoors

Perfect for residential and commercial applications, the system guarantees easy routine cleaning of the surface, making it an ideal solution for restaurants, cafés, beach bars and any other environment demanding design and elegance without sacrificing comfort and practical use.


For E_Deck, mirage has engineered a wind-proof system with a mechanical hooking system.
Ideal for patios, Rooftops and in general areas that are exposed to strong winds. 







Why choose it?

Simple to fit, you can furnish your spaces outdoor and choose a covering that offers total safety.

A durable solution and a superior aesthetic result without the need for the annual maintenance of the surface over the years.

The elements located underneath the flooring can be easily inspected as it is possible to lift the slabs of the E_deck raised tiling system, and any pipework and cabling can be laid without difficulty.

How does it work?

Practical and functional E_deck is a complete structure for fitting raised flooring in your outdoor space.

The system includes height- adjustable supports made of polypropylene (max h 30 cm / 12"), joists in strengthened aluminium and spacers that define a 4 mm 1/8" gap between the Evo_2/e™ Mirage® porcelain stoneware slabs.

Finishing accessories are available to complete the system and cater for the needs of any application.

Some advantages

Fast to fit
Stability of the floor’s surface
Cost benefits
Multiple listel size
It is Porcelain Stoneware

System components

1. Evo_2/e Porcelain stoneware with Plus mesh

For further details and the technical specifications for plus™ mesh, please contact your Mirage® dealer or the Engineering division at Mirage®.

Mirage® recommends the use of plus safety mesh on all the slabs of the raised flooring surface.

Mirage® is only responsible if it supplies a complete system, therefore including the slabs with plus mesh attached.

2. Mirage® e_deck Kit

A. Aluminium Joists

Three cavity joists in strengthened aluminium with teeth and cavity, on the upper surface, specifically sized for the structure components.

B. Seals

Seals in black epdm with an asymmetrical “h” section in 3-metre lengths and a smooth surface.

The seals are supplied already fitted into the specific cavities on the aluminium joists of the e_deck Kit.

C. Spacers

Specially designed polypropylene spacers to guarantee a 4mm gap between Evo_2e™ slabs.

The spacers are supplied packed in bags in the e_deck Kit.


3. Supports


4. Accessories

A. Mute

Mat for supports providing acoustic insulation and protection for the moisture barrier, made in high density modified closed-cell insulation foam.

B. Lateral Restraint

Restraint for the slabs to use around the perimeter.

C. Lateral closure with Evo_2/e™ slab

D. Slope Correctors

To correct the slope of the substrate. for a better water downflow, Mirage recommends a slope of the floor of 1-2%.


The Mirage e_deck system can be used with the entire Mirage Evo 2/e™ range





  • Outdoor pavings installed unglued above the ground level are subject to the action of the wind, with the risk, in some cases, of becoming airborne. The manufacturer recommends to require the assistance of a qualified professional in order to check the suitability of the installation system above the ground adopted, in accordance with the local laws and regulations and the conditions of use. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or property damage.
  • A ceramic slab installed on a raised pedestal system may fracture on impact if a heavy object is dropped onto it from a height, with a risk of injury to anyone standing or walking on such slab. Failure to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for installation of slabs on raised pedestal systems may result in serious injury.

For further information and recommendations concerning the installation systems please refer to or to the Evo_2/e™ 20 mm catalogue.


if the application of the 20 mm slabs foresees the ceramic product used in structural installations, the project engineer and/or customer must carefully assess the project requirements with regard to the technical specifications of the slabs.
To prevent the risk of damage or injury, the manufacturer recommends:

  • With regard to a raised floor installation a ceramic slab may fracture on impact if a heavy object falls on it from any significant height. therefore the manufacturer recommends to check the specific intended use before starting the installation and to follow table for raised installation provided below. in certain conditions, reinforcing must be applied on the back of the slabs (mesh plus or galvanized steel sheet) supplied and applied by the manufacturer;
  • With reference to any dry installation system of flooring above the ground level, the manufacturer recommends to comply with local regulations and conditions of use with regard to wind- load, loadbearing, seismic events, etc.
Failure to comply with these recommendations may lead to improper use of the product and could cause serious damage or injury.